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About Me

Behind the 1935 Leica camera, is a Church of England Vicar, who has been making pictures for nearly forty years.

I developed a love of art from my mother, and a love of photography from my father. It was my father who bought me my first camera when I was sixteen, and I attended a course on black and white photography and developing my own pictures. This was with real film and real chemicals. It was my mother, however, who showed me that the images we create come from the soul and not the camera.​


I began to write my own poetry in 1994, while studying for my degree in Durham. I would sit in that beautiful ancient city, and frame my thoughts into words, in a similar fashion to taking an image. I soon discovered how similar photography and poetry are, the art of using language, whether it be visual language, or words, therefore lifting something tangible out of chaos. I currently serve as a  parish priest in Bedfordshire. I am married to Liz, and we have a chocolate Labrador called Nutmeg, and five grown up children. Liz and I are even contemplating the possibility of perhaps growing up ourselves at some point.​


Thank you for visiting my page and enjoying my work.


​Eric Lomax​​​​​

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