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Do not be fooled by the Pebbles.

They are Babel’s fallen tower,

clicked and tapped in the ocean’s hand,

in the grasp of mindless,

reasonless, chaos,

whose rage levels

both the mighty and the humble,

and pounds the cliffs to dust.

And here we find our peace,

as the serpent tide,

hisses and rattles the rocks,

then lays pebble upon pebble,

stone upon stone,

a bed of indifference.

Do not be fooled by the pebbles,

they are gravestones of the rich,

dismantled by Leviathan’s hand,

deposited in the deep,

for there, their power now sleeps.

Their names once chiselled,

alongside platitudes,

broken, washed and ground to silence,

tyranny reduced to uneasy steps,

for a barefoot stroll.


Do not be fooled,

cities and castles laid waste,

the palaces of kings,

the walls and borders of a nations pride,

the empires of the arrogant,

now less than ruins,

detached and indistinct,

their might a formless corpse.

And there are memories,

the little worlds that spun,

the piercing voices of the poets,

the songs of the lyricists,

the speeches of the tyrants,

the sonnets and poems of dreamers,

divulging everlasting love,

that is neither love nor everlasting.

Do not be fooled,

they are our evil and our virtue,

our idioms to build and to destroy,

the kindness and cruelty of our lips,

All we have reformed and moulded,

now swept to formless curves and indistinct.

Some flat, inviting to be skimmed,

but even then, a final dance,

then falls and settles

in the shadows of the deep,

a stone’s throw from a grain of sand.


Do not be fooled,

they are the obelisks of our substance,

laid bare,


humbling the past,

disclosing the present,

a revelation of the future.

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