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sunset copy.jpg

Just wait,

As the morning comes and the trees

are filled with the flames of the day,

and the grass is speckled with dew,

pearls of life,

filled with light,

Just wait!

as the sun is lifted to its pinnacle,

then clouds gather

to enshroud its gleam

to impart despair,

then shadows of the day

rest too early,

and herald the dominance of night,

just wait,

as the light cascades towards world’s end,

just wait,

for then the bright, sight of the sunset,

as the piercing warmth of gold and bronze,

is spread across the bounds of the sky,

igniting earth and heaven,

and all the sorrow is stolen from the night,

just be still and wait,

for at our end,

we realise our beginning,

and Sol’s rest becomes our daybreak..

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