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Where this venom did we find,

that fed this hubris in our veins?

to conceive that we have primacy,

but failed to see this arogance,

contained such jeapardy.

For all potential we conceived ,

formed within our puerile minds,

no conception we should tread with reference,

to treat as sacred all we find,

upon the earth's benevolant bed.

Utopia we believe, from dust we would create,

and so we set our stake upon the ground,

deep in Gaia's defenceless breast.

Eden lost in our imprudent waste,

We persist to build again, the same,

in hope that this time, it will stand.

Earth weeps for us, yet we subdue,

we quarry then we lay,

stone upon stone,

her tears in every drop of rain.

Wall upon wall,

to build, like savages, we strip our mother bare,

until with grief,

our senseless minds can grasp,

that on this naked, broken land,

our fragile empires cannot last.

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