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The Earth

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(Adapted from 1 Corinthians 13)



If I gaze in heartfelt wonder,

at the beauty of our world,

but do not have compassion,

then I am nothing.

What do I gain

if I distil Eden to the boundaries of my sight,

and surround my walls

with blossom and verdure,

yet fail to share this privilege,

with the children who  hunger for breath?

If I could form lakes or mountains,

With the tip of a brush,

Or reflect the treasures of creation,

from the pallet of the Almighty,

But do not have compassion,

then the truly sacred remains as distant as the stars,

and I transcend nothing,

Compassion respects every blade of grass on which it treads,

It does not force the light, but sits and waits

It delivers more to the world than it ever takes,

and it receives only what it needs and does not waste,

and to all that drinks, and grows and breathes,

compassion instils life’s treasured worth,

For gently here we tread and care,

Because just like all else,

We, with all, are the children of this earth.

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